Saturday, 20 February 2016

Well after a week of having the landscapers i now have my perfect (almost) garden and not only does garage and greenhouse has power but also the pond has power :)

Cant walk on the grass for a while and there is extra slate to cover over the electrics when there plumbed in :)

Jobs outstanding

  • Remove rubbish from garden that is for us to sort out.
  • finish paining fence (forest oak) and Trellis needs to be painted (Autumn gold)
  • There will be some lengths of wood put on the bottom of the fence (see the second photo) and this will raise the planting level against the fence and make it easier to manage.
  • What you cant see in photos is the path from front of house to the garden and this has had the gravel removed and nothing put back so were going to get more blue slate and complete the job
  • The other part you cant see if behind the greenhouse there is some sunken slabs this allows for maintenance and we will need to add more slate there this will hide the slabs and make the garden look uniform. 

1 comment:

  1. ooh ! You have a pond ! : ) It is all looking so neat . Now we just need some nice weather to get out and enjoy our gardens .