Saturday, 13 February 2016

Sewing by Candle Light

Currently the greenhouse has got no power and no lights but thats not stopping me.

Harriet came out and joined me cleaning up all the pots from the garden and then having taken receipt of a "Surprise Box" for £20 from Sutton Seeds we decided to plant out the large bag of bulbs we received and 2 massive garlic bulbs (solient white).

Everything was potted up into individual fibre pots as much as possible with the idea that they will be planted in the herb bed by the apple trees when the landscapers pull away the woodchips and before they pop down the slate.

Today we visited the Skylark Garden center and my daughter Harriet and her friend made wooden bird boxes (5 year olds and hammers are not to be recommended) but it was fun. We had a great lunch and then hit the shops. I picked up 2 lily bulbs (i think) and 10 hyacinths (pink, yellow and deep red) and 10 Tulips (non standard looking petals) and one amaryllis all for £2.50. Given how cold its getting i though best plan was to get these potted up but that was after 5 pm so i lit a candle into the potting tray and carefully planted everything up. The Amaryllis was sweating in the box it was in and starting to rot so i potted this in dry John Innis (number 2) in the hope that it would soak up some of the liquid. The bulb was still hard so fingers crossed!!


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  1. Yes I,m getting going now too up in my unheated greenhouse, my first leek and shallot seeds are germinating .
    How great that is , to make bird boxes! : )